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The Hour Cometh

How strange that the idealism of youth should come spouting out of aged establishment.

Can you be mainstream fringe?

Sound like a haircut from the 90s….no no wait,it’s……..

Jeremy Corbyn!!

every dishevelled, protest marching, monarchist hating, tree and extremist hugging, non anthem singing, baby killing, England bashing ,nanny state loving, tax hiking,anti business ,refugee loving, defence hating,IRA condoning,pragmatic son of the devil bit of him…..

Phew!….Didn’t realise how anti democracy I was until Daily Mail,Telegraph,Times,Sun and rest of Fleet Street convinced me that Ive always loved Fascism…..

Please accept my application for Media Mogul..I promise to continue the fight for (y)our cause….us.

eye can see now

Everything becomes dust
Everything becomes dust






2001 meets Contact meets Gravity meets Inception.

Just saw DarkKnight the other day as well.

I mean Chris Nolan really minimises the dumbing down to pretty much the finer details of quantum gravity.

He gives 4-5 dimensions a 3D stab.

He has a stab at worm holes and black holes.

And he keeps it real and human.

So respect.No space for light humour in pretty much any of his movies but he takes concepts as far as they can physically go on the silver screen at the moment.

The only bit that risks losing credibility is when these highly trained scientists suddenly have an epiphany and decided that love transcends dimensions – err,what?oh yeah i forgot this is hollywood for a moment – well at that moment its almost Bollywood but anyhows it was serious entertainment and when I look back i dont think it even tried that hard with the otherworldly stuff – other than the graphics for the actual space travel and the 5 dimensional tesseract thingumajig but there werent any big bad aliens or particularlt unfamiliar looking landscapes or images.Most of the movies was really around the austerity of the backward looking future world with its return to agrarian ways of living.

Personally I think that was partly just to accentuate the sense of contrast with the subsequent spacey bits.

Anyway ..a good romp and best space movie Ive seen since Contact.thank God it didnt have “Mars” in the title…

Lets wait for Star Wars.

Looking inward
Looking inward