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Same but deferent

U know u belong here when u dont feel u should curtsey for the queen.
Because dissent is a characteristically english trait
And subservience with the hope of being accepted is the litmus test for seeming like an outsider.

And once you have corporate enforced policies of multiculturalism and respect for other “faiths” embedded in the workplace to substitute that individual responsibility and unwritten common sense social contract of respect between 2 adults you r committing that difference to be maintained rather than to be a human and naturally evolving relationship between individuals and paradoxically disagreeing with a policy becomes more acceptable irrespective of the underlying “politically correct” motive.
And all the education in the world only makes the difference stand out more if elitism differentiates the soul less “anywhere” people from the more heart on sleeve “somewhere” people especially given that in the 5th richest country on the world we are 29th on education-because a defining feature of the current culture is to make sonething of yourself without-or even,in spite of,your education and maximise your benefit from a tax system designed to encourage craftiness,or to put it another way, dissent.
Hence the u turn on national insurance that would have hit a disproportionately large group of self entitled self employed tax return specialists.
Seems to me the rest of Europe has a different relationship with employers and authority in general…although they are looking with ever greater interest