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Linklater’s patient cataloguing of a fictional boy’s transition into adolescence.
If the movie was profound then that wasnt immediately obvious at first.
Have to chew on it.
Most of us are wandering aimlessly …some more obviously than others…but it seems if you don’t feel or see sustained joy in your formative years when you most need to know that there is something that can come out of blind uncertainty then you can be left wondering “whats the point?”
“of what?” enquires Ethan Hawke
“well..anything?…everything,I guess?”

its kind of profound in its prosaic portrayal of a character that you never quite understand but can’t help sympathise with.
he’s just like anyone,talented but not exceptionally,not massively motivated but will go through the motions..just wondering if he’s falling into a preordained slot of false purposefulness through a coincidental inclination for photography…just for the sake of keeping him occupied rather than to expect any answers to come from it…hes happy enough but is that it?

or would none of this have mattered if he could have believed that his parents were happy and in love.