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2001 meets Contact meets Gravity meets Inception.

Just saw DarkKnight the other day as well.

I mean Chris Nolan really minimises the dumbing down to pretty much the finer details of quantum gravity.

He gives 4-5 dimensions a 3D stab.

He has a stab at worm holes and black holes.

And he keeps it real and human.

So respect.No space for light humour in pretty much any of his movies but he takes concepts as far as they can physically go on the silver screen at the moment.

The only bit that risks losing credibility is when these highly trained scientists suddenly have an epiphany and decided that love transcends dimensions – err,what?oh yeah i forgot this is hollywood for a moment – well at that moment its almost Bollywood but anyhows it was serious entertainment and when I look back i dont think it even tried that hard with the otherworldly stuff – other than the graphics for the actual space travel and the 5 dimensional tesseract thingumajig but there werent any big bad aliens or particularlt unfamiliar looking landscapes or images.Most of the movies was really around the austerity of the backward looking future world with its return to agrarian ways of living.

Personally I think that was partly just to accentuate the sense of contrast with the subsequent spacey bits.

Anyway ..a good romp and best space movie Ive seen since Contact.thank God it didnt have “Mars” in the title…

Lets wait for Star Wars.

Looking inward
Looking inward



Interesting movie.

Favourite line : The past is a story we tell ourselves

How true.It can be a folk tale to give you strength like the Iliad to Alexander the Great,or it can be a Freudian noose around your neck giving you excuses for your predicament.

Its as relevant to your life as the history of the world,do what you want with it.

But if your story is something you have trouble letting go of then the present must be something you fear, even though it is the only reality that you can ever be in control of.

So no point getting sentimental about the way things were or how you think they should be.
Like Lenny Bruce said “There is no ‘what should be’,there is only ‘what is'”

and our inability to let go of some tangled undergrowth that we call “roots” is just some rotting weeds that should never have been there in the first place…

Your own ideas of what makes you special needs to be let go.Identity is a burden.Patriotism is a lie.Nationality is division.Religion is a conch passed from one hand to another.And power is exerted by keeping everyone tied to the above.

Unshackling those roots means you can fly away.

Peshawar – the day after

Not URM computable

Lisac’s giant well grew as he hurtled deeper and deeper.
The wispy remnants of pseudo-intelligentsia continue to float in from the fathomless beyond.
That great pool of retrospective economists burgeoning at the gateway of epiphany,never really sure which is the way in or out of a recession but never short of incantations to feed their own self worth and never short of Whitehall’s attention.
Midway through the journeys of their lives,running in circles, forever retracing their own shadows,never looking up to see the path out of the forest and into the light.

The sense of crisis pervades.
Would bring tears of sorrow and happiness to Marx’s eyes.
Crisis is disempowerment is a crisis is freedom.
Having to entrust to mysterious powers…the native zombie tongue of finance-to assure the plebs there are powers greater then themselves at work here.
All is Or-well..Big Brother loves you.

“Well you can fuck with my money and my mind but you will never get my attention because you choose to speak in a dais,” he uttered silently,”and since I work shifts and you don’t want to…I will carry on working autonomously without any functioning memory
“I am the final automaton…otherwise known as..the shopfloor
“And you cannot,nay do not wish to take my place because you like to be shielded from your decisions

“And that is why you can serve yourself and worry about how many helipads you should have on your yacht…but you will not control me…because I am an uncomputable automaton creature borne of crisis and acting in crisis and only offering a thread of credence to your sense for power until it all collapses and then you can sit down and re analyse why you are unable to influence global ecological restructuring of a planet when you were convinced you had it figured….

Lisac stopped blowing bubbles at this point as the froth was beginning to seep out of his eyeballs.

“Peanut malt ,please…shaken but not deterred…”

“Drink with your eyes closed” said the Tinsel town bartender “Its easier to keep going that way”

Maybe the outcome will be better

Lisac beginning to fill with nitrous,to drift above the new rhetoric of desperation,rising above the absurdities
whispers echoing “Absence of evidence is proof you haven’t looked hard enough-get an electron microscope – look harder godammit!”

open your eyes
Look around

Belief is not controlled in an RCT
Psychology is not accounted for.

In the face of a multitude of potential confounders and consistently inconclusive outcomes in ITU why is it not recognised that any hidden benefit is effectively too small to give a useful picture of the whole and that there is a big missing other.
how and why is it that RCTs make no attempt to control for pre morbid psychological state,motivation and emotional intelligence?
Admittedly there are practical difficulties but it is surely worth it as it is a giant hole in all trials of acute care that have failed to inspire any significant progress for some time now.

“I shall be the pink rabbit with the waistcoat and the watch” mumbled Lisac’s intensivist ,as he guided his fibrescope into Lisacs right bronchus to fish out the giant nut
“I shall guide Alice out of Wonderland”

The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus
The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus

And whatnot

Dystonic Bipolar electrical dipole moments have uniformly polarised the last decade of super zombies.
Starting with 28 days later these zombies probably just needed their pontine peduncular nuclei deeply stimulated to help awaken them from the student party when they gave MPTP a whirl.

And now the dopey levo sends them swinging on and off between Catatonia and wild debauchery

Just your average student

Night falls
The dark closes in
sounds muffled
Head heavy with dulled thoughts
In the Striatum
Guiding your body
When your mind is asleep
And the harmony of those frequencies
Falls into phase
Spikes and waves
BIS equals zero

jejenal juices onward floweth

more unsubstantiated musings
a proposal pertaining to Roger Penrose’s conjecture on the non computability of conscious thought
Let me suggest non computable as per binary mathematical logic
BUT that does not mean non simulateable
because surely the binary basis for practical computability depends on the semiconducting diode being effectively on or off.
when you follow that logic strictly you come to the problems of Godelian incompleteness as described in previous posts.
BUT the semiconducting device is a macroscopic element that is surely subject to the same quantum superpositions as any other quantum mechanical object that evidently undergoes state vector R reduction as a result of various postulated causes rangng from the many worlds options to sentient being dependence through to Roger Penrose’s own suggestion of U evolution instability and decay to R due to some threshold of energy differnce between the two superposed states – point is the cause is not my issue here,the issue is that these diodes are subject to the same quantum state superpositions that he suggests to constitute “consciousness” as the superpositions present within neuronal signalling.

now if he thinks that neuronal signals are able to maintain quantum coherence and evolve without state reduction upto quite significantly different superpositions in terms of potential end result (because of some biological mimicry of superconductivity at body temp or otherwise) then the only issue is whether a diode can maintain the same coherence upto significantly progressed complexly superposed U evolutions.

whether or not it can the principle surely remains that there is NO practical way of simulating a 100% yes/no system that would adhere to the rigor of mathematical computability when quantum dimensions are involved and therefore you may not be able to demonstrate the possibility of non computability using mathematical logic but you may be able to simulate it when using the “stuff” of nature ie semiconducting diodes,that share these quantum qualities with neurons and evrything else.

then why dont all objects have conscious thought?
well strictly speaking we dont know whether they do or dont.
but nevertheless the actual process of conscience may well depend on some sufficient threshold of quantum coherence being reached to allow for some kind of practical “pre emptive ” decision making and this may not be possible with current computers and the degree of quantum isolation that is achievable at present
but that is a different argument from Penrose who was proposing ,quite convincingly,that conscious thought is not simulateable at all by computers whereas what he means is not simulateable at all by means of mathematical logic

which brings me back to my bug bear of the limitations of logic and all the various skeletons in the cupboard that would be let out if we bring into question a limit to the concept of divisivility and the resultant ,albeit tiny,incompleteness of theories which are pinned down on the basis of infinite divisibility and the cornerstone of quantum theory which is complex analysis and its dependence on the equivalence of infinite sequences,exponential series,convergence and limits to infinity..

stars,sbtrkt and machinedrum
theres a superposition

Triptrappin on Pont Alexandre III

why does the night bring on more obsessive excursions of the mind?

Does the daylight distract us from our own thoughts (obviously)

(why am i answering my own questions?)

(don’t know)

On the subject of the need for regular sleep pattern and dangers to the disturbance of that finely tuned 30000 year old eggshell one “circadian neuroscientist” betrayed his own bias by reducing the act of night time creativity (defended by one author) to being evidence of sleep disturbance induced brain dysfunction allowing neural “(dis/re)connections” that “arent meant to be there normally” (ie thinking outside the box?or insightful and original perspectives of some observation)

(all just bloody semantics again isnt it?seems to me there is no absolute way to state anything whatsoever without unintentionally swaying the very poitn towards some bias because the words uttered are being formulated unconsciously (retrospective conscious awareness again) by very deeply and fundamentally indeterminate biases in the first place)

nevertheless i return to the point about the use of the term “dysfunctional” as used by our neuroscientist.

The very easy point that Ill labour over here is to illustrate how many poor quality scientists there are out there (or is it just articulately inept at explaining what they really mean?) that dare to have the audacity to sermonise ultimately about the sanctity and precedence of a subject (sleep deprivation,shift work and its detrimental effects in this case) that ultimately beocmes a defence of their own vanity and in complete denial about the dynamic nature of all of life let alone the human brain and its ability to adapt (to a changing situation – the basis for evolution and survival,surely??)

adaptability.something short termism and vanity and ultimately a life devoted to the study of a dynamic system in static conditions (a pointless exercise,eh?)seems unable to accommodate for.or at least this one scientist.and yeah ok maybe maybe this one scientist does have the right idea but was never good at conveying ideas in words.

(well dont all ideas required to have any influence need to be expressible in words and essentially language that is laced with internal non scientific bias)

is mathematical argument missing the essential flux factor of how an idea actually is expressed and is therefore unable to calculate how a deterministic system can yield such apparent randomness as human nature.

is language and its inherently imperfect bias the ultimate basis for ideas which after all originate from some preformed inclination,suggestion or feeling (when expressed in the human domain)

(am i just abullshitartsitandnotaverygoodoneatthatahhselfdeprecationthedefenceforallselfdoubters…)

so anyway as i was saying.scientists just dont present themselves very well.(or the wrong one get picked for interview (or maybe the wrong ones are by their nature a very selectable and accessible group))

so as i was saying…midnight in paris…lovely film.

and telling us a truth or ten about nostalgia and its trickeries.appreciate the present.very laudable advice.(defeatist slant would argue that through the perpetuity and allur eof nostalgia throughour time that such an act of permanent and acute appreciation of the present is not how we got here or are meant to work…the drive to improve things (aka dissatisfaction) means nostalgia is the motivation (alexander the great and his Iliad,mussolini,the greeks to the romans,etc (ie the previous “Great” and mythological ages) the general cliche that “miracles done happen anymore”(??!!)

but anyway a very nice movie (because im in that “receptive to this genre” phase right now) but no it really deserves credit and Woody Allen gets the balance right for me this time between romanticism and real life and light hearted humour.

a material scientist really inspired me (or was he a chemist) managing to convey the miracle of stainless steel’s tastelessness and self healing properties.

materials are at the heart of the miracle of the modern age,we can all (or anyone who is old enough) step back and be amazed by the proliferation and ubiquitnessness of modern technology in all its forms and yet in the same breath experience that palpable valium of overfamiliarity that dulls us to their mysteries.

and yet the new generation might reflect on the ancient past when people had a conversation over a coffee and not via some hieroglyphical text message coded lol xxx all the time (the deleriously dysinhibited mad laughter of a muted digital age)

this particular chemist hit the nail not thru the actual point about his work but (in contrast to his astrophysicist colleague) was able to convey the sense of magic expressibly and that is what will connect with people in their current evolutionary state of cognition.

the physicist could talk about fundamentals of nature,the basis of time and life itself….but 1) they still havent fully figured it out,and especially with time still not quite sure what it actually is,just how it behaves and 2)they are no way near answering what people really want to know which is how and what the hell such fundamental phenomena have anything to do with us…it must have something to do with us cuz we’re all made of the same stuff ,right?? (well thats the premise cuz we’re physically incapable of thinking anymore outside the box than that)

(hang on does that mean the reason we cant answer these questions is because we all eventually pass our comfort zone of comprehensibility and once the analogy goes beyond that some would argue it makes no difference to either say any more bizarre is impossible or irrelevant to our purposes…which if taken to the logocal conclusion means that things get as bizaree as you can imagine..and then some..so,like,forget it dude)


so surrealism,multiverses,many-worlds and long strolls in paris in 2010 by day and in the 20s by night,chats with hemingway,fitzgerald and gertrude stein,dali and picasso and as far back as you like…

its all fair game and its as good a call as any you can care to make.