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Trails of fire

You are evil when you lose your best PR agent

Tony Blair learnt one thing from Thatcher.Legacy comes from believing your own bullshit
Management is the art of obfuscation.A board of directors perfects self perpetuating obfuscation.

New England Journal’s study by Chesnut et al in December confirmed ICP is clinically equiefficacious to pretty intensive regimes of assessment and likely to be more applicable to different subgroups than 4 hourly mannitol.
Ie ICP is less aggressive and at least as good as intensive therapy for TBI.Why is this a shock.It’s a monitor not a treatment at the end of the day so you can’t assume it will result in superior outcomes when we don’t even fully understand the pathophysiology of severe head injuries.
Just cuz you can examine and treat for cyanosis doesnt mean you should ditch the plethysmograph.
Sense of smell does not render a fire alarm useless but neither is perfect and what’s more..neither puts out fires!